Who are we ? 

The CIUS is a Healthcare Innovation Accelerator. It is a non-profit association which has been created to make synergy and encourage collaboration between healthcare professionals, researchers and all the professionals who want to propose innovative solutions in healthcare.
It has been founded in 2010 by the University Hospital of Nice, the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and the Secured Communication Solutions Cluster (SCS).
Its purpose is to accelerate adn support the development of innovative projects in healthcare on the following fields: prevention and well-being, autonomy, care monitoring, and care pathways. The association uses also its expertise to identify how the new technologies can be used for healthcare.

To make it successful, the Healthcare Innovation Accelerator proposes to project leaders (start-ups, companies, healthcare professionals, scientists) to qualify, evaluate and experiment their services and innovative solutions into medico-welfare establishments (hospitals, houses for dependent seniors) or at home. It assures a respect of biomedical researches with a support from scientists and multidisciplinary experts who guarantee medical relevance, compliance with ethical rules, and respect of people.

The patients, as main beneficiaries, are integrated at the heart of this process. They tested the services and products which are made for them to improve their final efficiency when they could use them directly, or when these solutions will be used by healthcare professionals for patients care and medical monitoring.

Our purpose

To promote healthcare innovation through a bottom-up approach based on users' needs.

Our missions

  • To support project leaders and to foster collaboration
  • To realise clinical experimentation & usages assessment for innovative solutions with the patient/user.
  • To accelerate the development of technologies that offer solutions for healthcare, independence and well-being.
  • To create links between healthcare and innovation actors.


The CIUS is certified ISO 9001 and Expert Centre of FRANCE SILVER ECO

The CIUS is recognized by the French public authorities as a provider of R&D services eligible for the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit for companies.

Our governance

The founders: 

The University Hospital (CHU) of Nice
The University Nice Sophia-Antipolis
The Secured Comunicating Solutions Cluster (SCS)